Tips for Hiring Professional Locksmiths


Locksmiths are remembered mostly during times of emergencies arising out a lock-in or lockout situation. It is important to hire only a professional and certified locksmith who can deal with the situation. Finding a professional locksmith can be a tricky and unnerving prospect considering it has to be done usually at the time of an emergency.

Tips for Hiring Locksmiths

Some of the important tips which people should consider before hiring a locksmith to resolve a locksmith-related emergency are as follows:

Get Referrals

Many of one’s friends and relatives would have gone through such experiences and hired a locksmith. It is important to take their advice on the locksmith hired and the service provided by them. Such references can be used to shortlist locksmiths meeting the need of the customer. It is also recommended to meet the referred locksmith to assess if they can meet one’s need.

Research Online

Researching online for locksmiths and their services provided, charges etc. is an effective way of identifying reliable locksmiths. The website will provide a fair idea of the reliability and the kind of services provided by them. The customer testimonials should also be reviewed while evaluating the locksmith.

Hire Local Locksmiths

It is always a good practice to hire local locksmiths. Locksmiths who come to provide service from distant locations will take time to reach during emergency situations. Their charges will also be higher than the local service providers. The local locksmith can reach the emergency site faster and they can be called upon later also in case further service is needed.

Check for Certifications and Insurance

The customers should check the certification and qualifications of the locksmith before they start working on the lock. Only if the customer is assured of the certification of the locksmith to handle the situation and work on the lock should the locksmith be allowed to start their work. The locksmith should be insured so that any damage if resulting to the lock will be borne by them.

Check for IDs and Authenticity

The customers should check the ID and badges of the locksmith to be assured of their credibility. The customers should start the locksmith to work only after verifying their credentials.

Get Estimate Before Starting

It is better to get an estimate before starting the work. If the agency does not provide an estimate then it reflects their lack of knowledge and professionalism and such agencies should be avoided.


While it may not look like a high-priority task but identifying and selecting the right locksmith Eugene OR can save the customers lots of pain in times of emergencies. It is recommended to do the homework beforehand to have peace of mind during lock-related emergencies.

Home Security Solutions Market Trends and Growth Drivers

The awareness and demand for home security devices and solutions are increasing exponentially. People are wary of their hard-earned money and valuables and want to ensure its safety at all costs. The home security solutions can start with elementary surveillance cameras and locks and can go up to an integrated and smart home solution. The market provides customized solutions as per the need of the customers. The global security market is expected to cross $100bn by 2020, of which the home security systems will account for an expected $47bn.

Growth Drivers
The major growth drivers for the home security solutions market are as follows:

Increased Focus on Security
Customers are becoming more focused on ensuring the safety of their homes and other valuables. Safety is becoming an ever-growing concern especially in the residential areas which usually lack professional security services like commercial properties. This void is being addressed to by the home security solutions which ensure the safety of residential properties and valuables.

Technological Advancement
Technological advancement has led to the evolution of new products in the home security market. Home security systems like wireless integration and smart home features provide greater flexibility and convenience to the customers in home surveillance and monitoring.

Reduced Prices
Due to technological advancement and widespread demand, the home security systems have become more affordable to the common people. The reduced pricing is one of the major growth drivers for the industry.

Young Customers Driving Demand
The home security market is mainly being driven by young customers. These customers below the age of 45 years are more informed and tech savvy which is a major growth driver for the industry.

Discounts in Insurance Premiums
Insurance companies are offering discounts on home insurance premiums for homes fitted with home security systems. Such discounts not only help in savings but also contribute towards recovering part of the home security systems cost.

The home security market is poised for even higher growth in the coming years. This is spurred by the customer’s awareness and need for protecting their properties and precious valuables. The technological advancement has made these security systems more foolproof and affordable for the average customer. This has lead to a significant increase in adoption rate for these home security systems and continues to be a major growth driver for the industry. The millennials are driving the market even higher and they consist of a sizable customer base for the home security market industry.

With technology advancing rapidly the home security market is slated to grow fast. The government’s push in promoting residential security in many countries will further expand the ever-growing home security market even more.